Obesity Issues Among Americans and It's Influence on Public Health Programs

Obesity is the major problem of American nation. Obesity can be due to some disease like tension, but mostly obesity is caused by the false and careless eating habits. American people love to eat especially the fast food items like burgers, chips, chocolates, candies and pizza etc. and carbonated drinks are very common with every meal. These things lead to the obesity.

Interesting thing about obesity is that mostly young people are concerned about it because they want to look smart and attractive, as the age grows; people care less about their physical appearance, because by then they don't have to impress someone.

Obesity is not only considered as an issue because it affects the personality of a person; but it can lead to many cardio vascular diseases. It itself is now considered as the major disease. Therefore government and health organizations are working and making some legislation to reduce this disease in America, as healthy people build healthy nation.

Obesity is caused by the consumption of high calories food items and working out less to burn those calories, the unburned calories accumulates in the body in the shape of fats which make a person obese, these fats also accumulates in the veins and when they accumulates in the veins of heart, it leads to dangerous heart diseases.

Obesity is a dangerous thing and many companies have launched many products to counter the obesity, there are dozens of slim centers, which helps people in countering the obesity. Countering obesity or getting rid of obesity has become a business in America, people are making millions every year by helping people become slim and smart.

Various health organizations have considered obesity as a major problem and now pro measures have been taken to counter the obesity. Obesity is countered from the very beginning. Obesity starts with the early age. The products like chocolates and candies which are the hot favorite of kids are the major cause of obesity, so the states and the federation is taking steps towards this issue and different regulations have been made for these companies regarding their advertising and packaging. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the food advertising and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the packaging of food products.

Many states are taking different measures to encounter the in young generation; many states are now encouraging youth to participate in sports activities. These measures are effective as exercise is the most important thing in leading a healthy life and through exercise extra calories can be burned.

Public health awareness programs can only guide the people regarding their health and fitness and the organizations like these can influence to some extent. Like they can only regulate the packing and labeling of the food items and their advertisement. But they cannot stop the manufacturing and distribution of food items which cause obesity like chocolates, candies and carbonated drinks. This is because these products are legal in every country. These products cause obesity but if people take care while eating these items, they can easily counter this.

Obesity can easily be countered with taking some simple measures. Taking care while eating is primary thing; over-eating is the major cause of obesity, and through exercise, extra fats can be burned. Chocolates and candies are tasty and many people love to eat them, they are the cause of obesity but by eating them with care, that is not eating too many candies and too many candies, obesity can be controlled.

Now days there are many medicines and products available in market that claim to reduce obesity within few days. They may reduce the obesity but may cause other diseases, therefore never take any medicine to reduce obesity without the instructions of physician.

Obesity can be countered with pro active measures. By following proper diet and regular exercise, everyone can prevent himself/herself from getting obese. And if someone has gotten the disease of obesity then it can be cured by following proper diet plan as advised by nutritionist and doing regular exercise. Physical exercise is the best way to keep oneself smart and free from the diseases like obesity.