An Introduction to Masters Degree Program in Public Health

By definition, public health is the science of preventing diseases and improving the all round health of communities by educating them on the importance of healthy lifestyles through extensive studies on disease research, injury prevention and personal choices that affect the overall well-being of their families and communities.

What Public Health Professionals Do

Its professionals concern themselves with preventing problems from taking place or repeating with the help of proper development & implementation of educational programs and policies, regulating health systems, reducing environmental hazards, controlling the spread of infectious diseases, conducting research and administering services and much more. As a result of these efforts, the professionals have come a long way in increasing awareness about healthy lifestyles, reducing the spread of communicable diseases, reducing child mortality and increasing overall life expectancy, to name a few.

Education in Public Health

A career in it is a good option for those students who wish to work towards improving people's lives and alleviate health problems. Students choose varied educational routes in establishing themselves in this sector. For example, a student might want to enroll in an undergraduate program straight from school followed by a master's program right after. Another student might want to gain experience by working for a few years before returning to school to continue.

Degree Programs in Public Health

Today, a large number of accredited educational institutions offer varied professional postgraduate degree programs in it. Here are examples of a few of those degrees.

• Master of PH

• Master of Science in Public Health

• Master of Health Administration

• Master of Health Services Administration

• Doctor of PH

• Doctor of Philosophy

A master's degree in it is a recognized credential which aids the student in finding employment in public health as well as private sectors. The coursework of a master's degree will be in the five core disciplines in it, namely:

• Epidemiology

• Health Services Administration

• Environmental Health

• Biostatistics

• Behavioral Science or Health Education

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