Health Programs Have Played an Important Role Human Life

Health programs are designed for all the individuals to improve their living conditions, to combine health education, health care, health promotion, prevention of disease and social services. The Health programs play a significant role in every human's life. With respect to Health programs that appointment system is also designed so that the medicine, veterinary medicine, other clinical credential would be practiced easily. But this is allowed to only those individuals who have a valid license to practice medicines. This faculty appointment system is also designed for those individuals, so that the individual get the most adequate and appropriate treatment.

A school health insurance program is an included set of sequential, planned, activities, school affiliated strategies and all other services which are designed so that the optimal emotional, educational development, social and physical is promoted. The program is decided by the local community which is based on the needs of community, requirements, standards and resources. This program is organized by the team of a experts and is also responsible for the quality of program and effectiveness to the community. In more than 60 countries, health programs work. Other local partners and responsive projects of fund are collaborated by this program. Some of the countries which public health programs work in are Africa, China, Central Asia and the Middle East. To make sure that the civil society has the skills, information and capacity to hold government, these public health insurance programs works. Where stigma leaves citizens socially excluded, there public health problems are intensified. Today the health crisis's global nature requires a good commitment at international and national levels. The responses which are innovative such as malaria, tuberculosis and the global fund to fight aids have been laid concrete on the way for solutions which include the civil society participation. It is significant to assure so that they benefit the public, as resources and commitments has been increased. In assuring the government, independent and strong citizens play a great role for which all the health programs, health care institutions are held responsible to the groups for which they all are designed to serve.